May 9th Birthdays

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May 9th, 1996 (May 09 1996)BirthMary Matilyn Mouser, American child actress
May 9th, 1988 (May 09 1988)BirthSkye Regan, Canadian Actress and Writer
May 9th, 1988 (May 09 1988)BirthJohn Ryan Fitzpatrick, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Driver
May 9th, 1985 (May 09 1985)BirthJake Long, American football player
May 9th, 1984 (May 09 1984)BirthPrince Fielder, American baseball player
May 9th, 1983 (May 09 1983)BirthTyler Lumsden, American baseball player
May 9th, 1983 (May 09 1983)BirthGilles Muller, Luxembourgian tennis player
May 9th, 1982 (May 09 1982)BirthRachel Boston, American actress
May 9th, 1981 (May 09 1981)BirthBill Murphy, American baseball player
May 9th, 1980 (May 09 1980)BirthCho Hyeon Jae, South Korean actor
May 9th, 1980 (May 09 1980)BirthGrant Hackett, Australian swimmer
May 9th, 1980 (May 09 1980)BirthAngela Nikodinov, American figure skater
May 9th, 1980 (May 09 1980)BirthTony Schmidt, German racing driver
May 9th, 1979 (May 09 1979)BirthRosario Dawson, American actress
May 9th, 1979 (May 09 1979)BirthPierre Bouvier, Canadian musician (Simple Plan)
May 9th, 1979 (May 09 1979)BirthAndrew W.K., American musician
May 9th, 1979 (May 09 1979)BirthBrandon Webb, American baseball player
May 9th, 1978 (May 09 1978)BirthLeandro Damian Cufre, Argentine footballer
May 9th, 1978 (May 09 1978)BirthAaron Harang, American baseball player, pitcher
May 9th, 1977 (May 09 1977)BirthChoi Jeong-yoon, South Korean actress
May 9th, 1977 (May 09 1977)BirthMaggie Dixon, Women s college basketball coach (died in 2006)
May 9th, 1977 (May 09 1977)BirthInigo Landaluze, Spanish cyclist
May 9th, 1975 (May 09 1975)BirthBrian Deegan, Freestyle Motocross innovator
May 9th, 1975 (May 09 1975)BirthChris Diamantopoulos, Canadian actor
May 9th, 1975 (May 09 1975)BirthTamia, Canadian singer
May 9th, 1973 (May 09 1973)BirthChu Sang-mi, South Korean actress
May 9th, 1972 (May 09 1972)BirthMegumi Odaka, Japanese actress and artist
May 9th, 1972 (May 09 1972)BirthDaniela Silivas, Romanian gymnast
May 9th, 1971 (May 09 1971)BirthPaul McGuigan, English bassist (Oasis)
May 9th, 1970 (May 09 1970)BirthDoug Christie, American basketball player
May 9th, 1970 (May 09 1970)BirthGhostface Killah, American rapper (Wu-Tang Clan)
May 9th, 1969 (May 09 1969)BirthAmber, Dutch musician
May 9th, 1968 (May 09 1968)BirthMarie-Jose Perec, French athlete
May 9th, 1965 (May 09 1965)BirthKen Nomura, Japanese racing driver
May 9th, 1965 (May 09 1965)BirthJanu Tornell, American model and Survivor contestant
May 9th, 1965 (May 09 1965)BirthSteve Yzerman, Canadian ice hockey player
May 9th, 1964 (May 09 1964)BirthKevin Saunderson, American music producer and disc jockey
May 9th, 1963 (May 09 1963)BirthSanja Dolezal, Croatian singer (Novi fosili)
May 9th, 1962 (May 09 1962)BirthDavid Gahan, English singer (Depeche Mode)
May 9th, 1962 (May 09 1962)BirthPaul Heaton, English singer/songwriter (Beautiful South)
May 9th, 1961 (May 09 1961)BirthJohn Corbett, American actor
May 9th, 1960 (May 09 1960)BirthTony Gwynn, American baseball player
May 9th, 1956 (May 09 1956)BirthWendy Crewson, Canadian actress
May 9th, 1955 (May 09 1955)BirthKevin Peter Hall, American actor (died in 1991)
May 9th, 1955 (May 09 1955)BirthAnne-Sofie von Otter, Swedish mezzo-soprano
May 9th, 1955 (May 09 1955)BirthMeles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia
May 9th, 1953 (May 09 1953)BirthBruno Brokken, Belgian high jumper
May 9th, 1949 (May 09 1949)BirthBilly Joel, American musician
May 9th, 1948 (May 09 1948)BirthHans Georg Bock, German mathematician
May 9th, 1948 (May 09 1948)BirthCalvin Murphy, American basketball player
May 9th, 1946 (May 09 1946)BirthCandice Bergen, American actress
May 9th, 1946 (May 09 1946)BirthClint Holmes, English-born American singer and songwriter
May 9th, 1944 (May 09 1944)BirthRichie Furay, American musician (Poco and Buffalo Springfield)
May 9th, 1942 (May 09 1942)BirthJohn Ashcroft, United States Attorney General
May 9th, 1942 (May 09 1942)BirthTommy Roe, American singer and songwriter
May 9th, 1940 (May 09 1940)BirthJames L. Brooks, American film producer and writer
May 9th, 1939 (May 09 1939)BirthRalph Boston, American athlete
May 9th, 1939 (May 09 1939)BirthPierre Desproges, French humorist (died in 1988)
May 9th, 1939 (May 09 1939)BirthIon Tiriac, Romanian tennis player and businessman
May 9th, 1938 (May 09 1938)BirthCharles Simic Yugoslavian-born poet, 15th Poet Laureate of the United States
May 9th, 1937 (May 09 1937)BirthJose Rafael Moneo, Spanish architect
May 9th, 1937 (May 09 1937)BirthDavid Prater, American singer (Sam & Dave) (died in 1988)
May 9th, 1936 (May 09 1936)BirthAlbert Finney, British actorAlbert Finney Quotes
May 9th, 1936 (May 09 1936)BirthGlenda Jackson, English actress and politician
May 9th, 1935 (May 09 1935)BirthNokie Edwards, American guitarist (The Ventures)
May 9th, 1934 (May 09 1934)BirthAlan Bennett, British authorAlan Bennett Quotes
May 9th, 1931 (May 09 1931)BirthVance Brand, American astronaut
May 9th, 1930 (May 09 1930)BirthJoan Sims, British actress (died in 2001)
May 9th, 1928 (May 09 1928)BirthRalph Goings, American painter
May 9th, 1928 (May 09 1928)BirthPancho Gonzalez, American tennis player (died in 1995)
May 9th, 1928 (May 09 1928)BirthBarbara Ann Scott, Canadian figure skater
May 9th, 1927 (May 09 1927)BirthManfred Eigen, German biophysicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
May 9th, 1924 (May 09 1924)BirthBulat Okudzhava, Russian writer and musician (died in 1997)
May 9th, 1923 (May 09 1923)BirthJohnny Grant, American radio personality, television producer (died in 2008)
May 9th, 1921 (May 09 1921)BirthSophie Scholl, resistance fighter in Nazi Germany (died in 1943)
May 9th, 1921 (May 09 1921)BirthMona Van Duyn, American poet (died in 2004)
May 9th, 1921 (May 09 1921)BirthDaniel Berrigan, American peace activist
May 9th, 1920 (May 09 1920)BirthRichard Adams, English author
May 9th, 1920 (May 09 1920)BirthWilliam Tenn, American author
May 9th, 1919 (May 09 1919)BirthArthur English, English actor and comedian (died in 1995)
May 9th, 1918 (May 09 1918)BirthMike Wallace, American journalist
May 9th, 1918 (May 09 1918)BirthOrville L. Freeman, American politician (died in 2003)
May 9th, 1918 (May 09 1918)BirthMoisis Michail Bourlas, Greek member of the World War II resistance
May 9th, 1914 (May 09 1914)BirthCarlo Maria Giulini, Italian musician and conductor (died in 2005)
May 9th, 1914 (May 09 1914)BirthHank Snow, American country music singer and songwriter (died in 1999)
May 9th, 1912 (May 09 1912)BirthPedro Armendariz, Mexican actor (died in 1963)
May 9th, 1912 (May 09 1912)BirthPer Imerslund, "The aryan idol" (died in 1943)
May 9th, 1909 (May 09 1909)BirthDon Messer, Canadian country musician (died in 1973)
May 9th, 1908 (May 09 1908)BirthMary Goldsmith, American ceramist (died in 2007)
May 9th, 1907 (May 09 1907)BirthBaldur von Schirach, Nazi official (died in 1974)Baldur von Schirach Quotes
May 9th, 1907 (May 09 1907)BirthKathryn Kuhlman, famed evangelist (died in 1976)
May 9th, 1907 (May 09 1907)BirthFred Warngard, Swedish athlete (died in 1950)
May 9th, 1895 (May 09 1895)BirthRichard Barthelmess, American actor (died in 1963)
May 9th, 1895 (May 09 1895)BirthLucian Blaga, Romanian poet, playwright, and philosopher (died in 1961) Philo Quotes
May 9th, 1893 (May 09 1893)BirthWilliam Moulton Marston, American psychologist, writer (co-creator, Wonder Woman) (died in 1947)
May 9th, 1892 (May 09 1892)BirthZita of Bourbon-Parma, Empress of Austria-Hungary (died in 1989)
May 9th, 1888 (May 09 1888)BirthRolf de Mare, Swedish art collector and museum director (died in 1964)
May 9th, 1887 (May 09 1887)BirthSir Ernest de Silva, Sri Lankan Philanthropist (died in 1957)
May 9th, 1886 (May 09 1886)BirthFrancis Biddle, United States Attorney General (died in 1968)
May 9th, 1883 (May 09 1883)BirthJose Ortega y Gasset, Spanish philosopher (died in 1955) Philo Quotes
May 9th, 1882 (May 09 1882)BirthGeorge Barker, American painter (died in 1965)George Barker Quotes
May 9th, 1882 (May 09 1882)BirthHenry J. Kaiser, American shipbuilder (died in 1967)
May 9th, 1874 (May 09 1874)BirthHoward Carter, British archaeologist (died in 1939)Howard Carter Quotes
May 9th, 1873 (May 09 1873)BirthAnton Cermak, Mayor of Chicago (died in 1933)
May 9th, 1866 (May 09 1866)BirthGopal Krishna Gokhale, Leader of Indian Independence Movement (died in 1915)
May 9th, 1860 (May 09 1860)BirthJ. M. Barrie, Scottish author (died in 1937)J. M. Barrie Quotes
May 9th, 1837 (May 09 1837)BirthAdam Opel, German engineer and industrialist (died in 1895)
May 9th, 1800 (May 09 1800)BirthJohn Brown, American abolitionist (died in 1859)
May 9th, 1741 (May 09 1741)BirthGiovanni Paisiello, Italian composer (died in 1816)
May 9th, 1147 (May 09 1147)BirthMinamoto no Yoritomo, Japanese shogun (died in 1199)

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